ProActive™ – why in-store activations are a necessary point of engagement

By August 4, 2016 No Comments

Provantage Media Group and Green Advertising are proud to announce the launch of Golf Ads™ – a division that focusses exclusively on the golfing environment, adding yet another sought-after out of home space to an already extensive and exceptional portfolio of offerings.

Golf Ads™ brings a high income, well-educated, discerning audience to advertisers; an audience that is captive, frequent and open to messaging. With media rights to the top golf courses across South Africa, Golf Ads™ provides brands with the opportunity to target and engage with more than 500 000 golfers every month.

Jacques du Preez, MD of Provantage Media Group, explains: “South Africa has a growing golfing culture and we are extremely excited to provide the opportunity for advertisers to tap into this audience. Golfers have spending power, they enjoy the sport and frequent the course and the clubhouse regularly and this makes them an ideal audience for assimilating out of home messaging.”
In an ever-fragmenting media landscape, the golfing environment offers a very particular audience. It is predominantly male with an 80/20 male to female split. The age group falls into the 25 plus bracket with most golfers making up the fifty plus group. A high percentage of golfers are self-employed or retired and they are extremely well-educated. Many of them are employed in the corporate world in senior and middle-management positions or as directors. Furthermore, a large proportion of this audience is comprised of professionals.

Simon Turck, MD of Golf Ads™, says that golf courses and clubhouses offer an optimal environment for advertisers. “In a golfing environment, consumers are in a relaxed frame of mind; they are socialising and doing something that they really enjoy. They are also captive and open to being captivated by brand messaging.”

With a footprint across South Africa, Golf Ads™ can implement local, regional and national campaigns that harness the power of various, innovative branding formats and touchpoints both on the golf course and in the club house.

“With Golf Ads™, we will be bringing new, exciting innovations to the out of home landscape and the opportunity to reach, engage and influence the golfing audience,” concludes Turck.

Golf Ads™ offers a comprehensive range of advertising formats for reaching an upper LSM audience in an environment that offers high dwell times and excellent frequency. For more information contact Simon Turck 083 252 8387 or go to