ProActive™ Shoppa Show™ platform revamped

By October 7, 2016 No Comments

ProActive™, a division of leading out of home company Provantage Media Group, has relaunched its highly effective Shoppa Show™ platform, this time offering clients the added benefit of even more sophisticated staging elements.

The key objective of Shoppa Shows™ is to drive awareness, promote sales and deliver brand messaging in a way that is effective, memorable and relevant to shoppers who appreciate entertainment and rewards. The platform has proved to be extremely effective in reaching all consumers, but most specifically consumers in the LSM 4 – 7 market.

Peter KohlÖffel of ProActive™ explains that the power of the Shoppa Show™ lies in relevance, timeliness and ability to excite and entertain. “Shoppa Shows™ offer an ideal platform for intensifying brand awareness and brand affiliation, while multiplying product sales. Because of their immediacy and because they are live, Shoppa Shows™ have the capacity to create excitement and encourage product purchase,” he says.

“We have added innovations to this platform that are in line with consumer needs and desires. We’ve done our research, we’ve kept our ear close to the ground and the result is a new and improved Shoppa Show™ which will enhance a consumer’s shopping experience and increase sales – it’s a win-win for all.”

Thanks to ProActive’s™ associations within the retail environment, Shoppa Shows™ are staged within strip malls, large retailers and wholesalers during the busiest shopping periods. As a result, reach per touchpoint is enormously effective.

Another attractive feature of the new Shoppa Show™ offering is that it can be tailor-made to align with brand requirements and objectives. The ProActive™ team understands that each brand is different and every activation has a specific desired outcome, so to ensure memorability and the right call to action, unique show scripts are copy written. The scripts include elements of surprise and humour, as well as multiple levels of qualifying questions.

Shoppa Shows™ create an on-site vibe that is alluring and stimulating. They offer the opportunity for consumers to participate in the activation, thus affirming their affiliation with the brand, while the brand ambassadors and the messaging impart information about products.

In order to effectively reach and engage with shoppers within the LSM 4-7 bracket, Shoppa Shows™ should be a fundamental part of a brand campaign. The platform offers the ideal solution for targeting consumers in a retail environment, when they are making purchasing decisions.

To find out how ProActive’s™ Shoppa Show™ solution can get your product into consumer baskets, contact Peter Kohlöffel on 0861 776 826 or