ProActive™ says Hello Moto

By April 11, 2017 No Comments

As part of a campaign to re-introduce and re-launch Moto smartphones into the South African market, ProActive™ rolled out an intensive and highly targeted instore marketing experience. The campaign provided consumers with the opportunity to engage with the Moto Z and various Moto Mods™ that transform the phone in a snap. The campaign ensured that consumers had a positive and memorable experience of the new Moto smartphone and its unique accessories.

“When it concerns the launch or the re-launch of a product, nothing beats engaging with consumers face to face and allowing them to actually experience the product for themselves. This is especially relevant to technology brands where not only are there numerous brands, but each brand regularly launches an updated version of a product. This is where building brand love becomes extremely important and activations play a very vital role in creating, maintaining and growing affiliation as well as the number of brand advocates,” says Peter KohlÖffel, National Sales & Client Service Manager, ProActive™.

Strong recall is engendered through relevant activations campaigns; and consumers are more likely to become brand evangelists through a direct experience with a brand.

“With the Hello Moto campaign, we created an immersive experience for consumers, allowing them to connect more deeply with the products, making the overall launch strategy more effective,” concludes KohlÖffel.

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