ProActive™ launches Iyadlisa – an innovative activations partnership with Shoprite

By August 20, 2015 No Comments

ProActive™, a division of leading out of home media company Provantage Media Group, has partnered with Shoprite to bring advertisers a new activations platform called Iyadlisa. Within the the rapidly fragmenting consumer landscape, an activations platform that is “exciting and new” is a welcome innovation for both consumers and brands.

Approximately 23 million South Africans shop at Shoprite stores, so in terms of brand awareness and engagement, the Iyadlisa Shoppa Show platform affords clients the opportunity to actively engage with their targeted consumer in the immediate vicinity of the retail outlet.

With the ultimate goal of driving feet into stores and encouraging purchase, the Iyadlisa Shoppa Shows allow three complimentary brands to take centre stage, each during a different time slot. The shows are entertaining, informative and draw huge crowds. Furthermore, they are geographically targeted with the result that they are extremely cost effective and beneficial in driving sales.

Vaughan Berry, Director: Provantage Media Group, says: “Shopping aisles have become cluttered environments and brands struggle to stand out. As a result there is constant pressure on promotional slots; this is exacerbated by the fact that shoppers are looking for added value and special offers.

“With Iyadlisa, advertisers now have a singular point of access to a network of 200 Shoprite stores in key areas around South Africa. It’s a winning solution that is cost effective and drives sales precisely when consumers are in shopping mode.”

ProActive™ has conceptualised a solution that benefits all parties involved – brands, Shoprite and consumers. The exclusive arrangement with Shoprite allows for the implementation of syndicated Shoprite-endorsed category Shoppa Shows at key stores around the country. The shows tie in with Shoprite’s promotional calendar themes including Birthday, Baby, Christmas and Back to School, so that all elements tie together seamlessly for maximum impact.

The Benefits of Iyadlisa:

• More cost-effective than single branded shows
• Draws huge crowds
• Synergy between complementary products
• Branded stages are highly impactful and create huge brand presence
• Aim is to drive education, excitement and sales
• Supports Shoprite’s promotional calendar for the benefit of the store and brand
• Creates impact at store level

Iyadlisa Reporting provides application driven, real time reporting on the sales of each show.
Furthermore, sales volume EPOS data is provided by Shoprite as per the below:

• Month of campaign versus previous year – same month, per product SKU
• Day of campaign, per product SKU
• Month after campaign versus previous year – same month, per product SKU
• Application driven, real time reporting on the sales of each show