Kirsten Mercer of ProActive™ talks why she loves activations

By May 26, 2016 No Comments

Kirsten Mercer has been in the activations industry for six years and while every moment is different, she enjoys the challenge, the creativity and, first and foremost, the variety.

What is your background?
I have always been in sales, in one form or another. I started in direct sales, then moved to a sales representative position and from there went on to become a retail ambassador. It was in the latter role where I really honed my negotiation skills. I then took a position at an activations company where I really got a taste of what activations are about – the creativity, the strategy and, in simple terms, knowing what makes consumers want things. After all, this is the key role of an activation; it’s about ensuring that consumers want a specific service, product or brand and making sure that they add it to their basket.

Why do you love what you do?
Activations is a different animal, compared to sales, but that’s why I love it. It requires a strategic brain that can continuously consider budget, target and implementation simultaneously. It is stimulating and every client, every campaign and every day is different.

What makes you good at what you do?
Two words: My Team. My team is knowledgeable and in the activations game knowledge is imperative. It’s what separate a mediocre campaign from a great one. Knowledge of the environment, the geography, consumer shopping behaviour, consumer culture and the like is all part of executing a campaign that is very effective and delivers on objectives as well as on the bottom line.

What are the challenges?
If a campaign is not executed correctly, a lot of money can be wasted very quickly. A campaign needs to be extremely well-crafted, meticulously planned and seamlessly implemented. This is what generates great return on investment.

The activations business is a challenging environment with numerous variables and a reliability on the human factor. Time management is vital. Understanding and knowing the client is imperative. Having a clear perspective of the bigger picture, including merchandising, is key.

What’s the best part of your day?
There are a few. I love the feeling of winning a pitch. I enjoy the satisfaction of providing client with exactly what they need and witnessing it work successfully. Brainstorming sessions: the collective process of coming up with brilliant creative and amazing strategy; where the cogs in many brains are all turning at once. The feeling of a job well done.

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