Cadbury Glow achieves continued effectiveness with ProActive™

By August 4, 2016 No Comments

When it comes to activations, the key to continued effectiveness lies in implementing a sustained campaign that is relevant to the targeted consumer. For Cadbury Glow, ProActive™ is achieving continued engagement with a seasonal strategy that ensures that the unique selling points of the product are enhanced by events that are already well-engrained in the consumer’s psyche.

The agency introduced Cadbury Glow to consumers around Valentine’s Day in February and created another awareness spike in May, around Mother’s Day.

The premium chocolate is the perfect gift for such occasions and creating awareness in-store, at the point where purchasing decisions are made, is extremely effective in augmenting brand awareness, brand affiliation and sales.

Kerry-Lee Pinker of ProActive™ explains that for an FMCG product of this kind to make its way into the consumer’s shopping basket, ongoing engagement that is relevant and in the right environment is key.

“With the Cadbury Glow campaign, we are keeping brand top of mind and we are also providing a solution to the sometimes challenging task of getting the ideal gift for someone. Association with seasonal events, together with a strategy that ensures a sustained engagement will ensure that the brand becomes well-established and a household name amongst consumers,” she says.

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